Where Can I Find IRS Form 1040 and Instructions?

1040 tax form

IRS Form 1040 is the basic tax form many Americans will use. However, it also recently received an overhaul.

The new Form 1040 will now be the size of a postcard with 1040EZ and 1040-A removed from circulation entirely.

However, there are a variety of new schedules, so you need to be aware that you don’t need to give less information; they’ve just been moved to other forms.

So, let’s look at where you can find IRS Form 1040 and instructions.

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Where Can I Get IRS Form 1040?

IRS Form 1040 can usually be found on the IRS website. Alternatively, you can find and file a 1040 form online, and it will be so much quicker and easier.

The IRS encourages people to file online to get their refunds faster.

The Best Way to Fill Out Form 1040

Form 1040 can be managed in a far superior way by using online tax preparation software.

Online tax filing will enable you to enter your information into the system, and the software will do all the calculations.

It will take the information you enter and populate the relevant parts of your 1040 for you.

You don’t need to use a professional tax preparer or an accountant if your tax affairs are relatively simple.

What if I Need to Use Other Forms?

In this case, your online tax preparation software will tell you which forms you need to use. Then, you’ll be able to access the 1040 forms and fill them out in the same manner.