When Will H&R Block be Available?

Taxpayers typically want to start on their taxes as early as possible. So, when will H&R Block in 2023 and 2024 become available?

H&R Block Tax Software Available

This year H&R Block will release its latest version of online software November, 2023. The early season release also comes with a 35% discount.

Taxpayers using this software will be able to get started on their taxes early and save money in the process.

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When Will Online Filing Become Available?

H&R Block offers a range of ways for people to file their taxes. But, by far, the most popular option is online filing.

Online filing will be available to use as soon as H&R Block 2023 is released in early November. Then, you can begin preparing your taxes, and H&R Block will do the rest.

H&R Block Free Tax Filing

H&R Block's free tax filing is the best way to go this tax season. They offer multiple filing options, with free e-file being one of the most popular.

E-filed returns are processed quicker, which leads to receiving your tax refund sooner.

Here’s why you’ll want to e-file your return with H&R Block this tax season.

1. Simple Returns Are Submitted for Free

If your tax return isn’t complex, you’ll be able to submit your return to the IRS for free.

Keep in mind that you cannot take advantage of this if you file your return at one of their physical locations.

2. Easy-to-Use Interface

H&R Block is one of the easiest-to-use tax tools available.

Even if you’ve never filed your own taxes before, their step-by-step format will have you mastering your taxes in no time.

Plus, they make sure you get every credit and deduction you’re entitled to (even ones that you’ve never thought of).

3. Low Fee for Complete Returns

We recommend that everyone start with the free version of the tax return software because it’ll allow you to get a feel for the system before committing to it.

If you need to access forms that aren’t available under the free version, you’ll have to pay a small fee.

Below you can see a current chart to see what premium tax packages they have available:

H&R Block price chart




4. Great Features

Tax software varies when it comes to the features offered. However, these are some of the top features that H&R Block e-file customers enjoy.

  • W-2 photo capture imports
  • Imports from other tax preparers
  • Real-time refund updates
  • Tax Identity Shield

5. Tax Return Tracking

When you e-file your tax return, you’re able to track it every step of the way.

H&R Block will even notify you when it’s been accepted by the IRS so you can start checking for the status of your refund.

If you file a paper return, you’ll have to wait weeks before you can get any information regarding the status of your refund.

H&R Block Online Tax Filing Is an Option to Consider

If you want to quickly and affordably complete your taxes this year, H&R Block’s e-filing services are something to consider.

Their tax tool makes taxes easy to navigate, and it aims to help you get your maximum tax refund.