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How to Get a Fast Tax Refund Date

A tax refund can go a long way in changing the life of its receiver, whether it is saving or paying debts. In fact, in 2018, the total tax refund amount was approximately $2800 for almost 75% of taxpayers receiving a tax refund. So, how to do you get your tax refund faster?

The recommended way is to efile and use direct deposit to get the fastest tax refund.

tax refund dateDuring the last tax season, 58% of taxpayers received their tax refunds through this method.… Read the rest


2020 Tax Refund Schedule Dates

What are the 2020 Tax Refund Schedule Dates?

Find out what the tax refund schedule dates are this year.

The IRS used to publish tax refund schedules to give taxpayers dates on when they might get their refunds.

Unfortunately, they stopped doing that, so we can only estimate based on previous years.

So, in theory, if you file your return at the earliest date through e-filing, usually on January 15th, 2020, you would receive your direct deposit by January 25th or a paper check by February 5th.… Read the rest