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How Do I Get My W-2 Form With H&R Block Early Access?

Your W-2 Form is vital for filing your taxes accurately and quickly. Your employer is required to send you the W-2 Form by January 31st every year, or the following business day if that day happens to be either a holiday or a weekend. If sent by mail, you may have to wait.

That’s why the free W-2 Early Access feature from H&R Block is such a useful tool because it allows an electronic copy to be sent, so you’ll be able to get started with your taxes early.

When Will You Receive Your W-2?W2 form early access

It’s impossible to say how long it could take for your W-2 to arrive by mail, but you do have an alternative. Through using H&R Block, you can follow three simple steps to find your form.

  1. Begin by searching for the name of your employer or the Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) for your company. If it’s available, the generated list will show it.
  2. Once you find your employer, you just need to follow the instructions to have your W-2 Form sent to H&R Block. If it isn’t already in the database, you can subscribe, and you’ll receive an email when it’s available.
  3. After the W-2 has been received by H&R Block, it will be stored under secure conditions until you are ready to start on your taxes.

Get Your Refund as Soon as You Can

Tax refunds are incredibly important for families across the entire country. The problem is that the speed at which you receive your refund depends entirely on the mail and on how quickly your employer prepares this form for you. It can be frustrating to have to wait.

That’s why W-2 Early Access is so useful because you can get your electronic copy as soon as you can.

It doesn’t make sense to have to wait longer than you must to receive your refund. This database has millions of employers within it. All you must do is access this database and you’ll be able to obtain a copy of your W-2 to begin filing for your refund well before your paper copy arrives.

H&R Block W-2 Early Access ensures that you receive your W-2 quickly and securely. The sooner you get this process done the quicker you’ll get your tax refund.

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