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How to Find an H&R Block Location Near You

H&R Block locator

If you live in the United States, then chances are that you have heard of H&R Block. Most people know about them because they offer tax preparation services and software.

However, did you know that there is a brick-and-mortar location near you? If not, this article will help you find your nearest H&R Block Office!

H&R Block Has locations all over the United States, including in your state.

You can use the locator on their website to find the one closest to you. All you have to do is enter your zip code or city and state, and it will show you a list of all the locations near you. See the (office locations) link in the footer section of the website.

You can also call their customer service line at 800-472-5625 if you need help finding a location. They are open from Monday through Friday from about eight in the morning until nine at night, and on Saturdays, they are open from eight in the morning until five in the afternoon.

If you want to visit an H&R Block office in person, then we suggest calling ahead of time to make sure that they will be able to help you with your specific needs.

You can also find an office on Google Maps to see how far away it is from you

Click the search bar on Google Maps. Type in “H&R Block” and select it from the drop-down menu that appears above the map. If you’re not logged into your H&R Block account, then enter your zip code here to see how far away any nearby tax offices are (you can always use a real address if you’re looking for a specific office)

Once you have the map open, click on the location marker and it will give you all of the pertinent information about that H&R Block office. This includes hours of operation, services offered, contact info, and more.

Once you’ve found a location, make an appointment!

You can either schedule an appointment online or by calling the location. If you choose to do it online, You can select a time that’s best for you.

  1. Click on the schedule appointment link above.
  2. Then look for the office locations link in the footer of the website.
  3. After clicking on office locations, enter your zip code.
  4. Once you enter your zip code, a list of offices near you will appear.
  5. From this view, select the date that is best for you and then click finish!

You’ve successfully scheduled your appointment with an H&R Block office near you.

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